Smoked Jalapeño Popper Chicken Bombs

If you’re on the hunt for a recipe that combines bold flavors with an irresistible smoky twist, look no further than Smoked Jalapeño Popper Chicken Bombs. Perfect for your next barbecue, game day, or any gathering where you want to impress, this dish is guaranteed to tantalize taste buds and earn you the title of grill master. Let’s dive into how you can make these delicious chicken bombs at home.

Ingredients You’ll Need:

  • 4 large chicken breasts
  • 8 jalapeños
  • 1 block of cream cheese (8 oz)
  • 1 cup of shredded cheddar cheese
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 12 slices of bacon
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Your favorite BBQ rub
  • BBQ sauce for glazing

Kitchen Tools:

  • Smoker
  • Toothpicks
  • Sharp knife
  • Cutting board

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Prepare the Jalapeños:
    Start by cutting the tops off the jalapeños and removing the seeds and membranes. This is where the heat lives, so adjust according to your spice preference. Set these aside.
  2. Make the Filling:
    In a bowl, combine the softened cream cheese, shredded cheddar, minced garlic, and a pinch of salt and pepper. Mix until well blended. This cheesy mix is going to be the heart of your chicken bombs, providing a creamy, tangy contrast to the smoky chicken.
  3. Prep the Chicken:
    Flatten the chicken breasts to about ¼ inch thickness using a meat mallet or rolling pin. Season both sides with your favorite BBQ rub. This not only adds flavor but also helps in tenderizing the meat.
  4. Assemble the Bombs:
    Place a prepared jalapeño in the center of each flattened chicken breast. Spoon some of the cheese mixture into each jalapeño. Fold the chicken around the jalapeño and cheese, ensuring the filling is completely enclosed.
  5. Wrap with Bacon:
    Wrap each chicken bomb with bacon, using 3 slices per bomb. Secure everything with toothpicks. The bacon will add a rich, smoky flavor and help keep the chicken moist while it cooks.
  6. Smoke Your Chicken Bombs:
    Preheat your smoker to 225°F (107°C). Place the chicken bombs in the smoker and cook for about 90 minutes, or until the chicken’s internal temperature reaches 165°F (74°C). During the last 10 minutes, brush each chicken bomb with BBQ sauce for a nice glaze.
  7. Serving:
    Let the chicken bombs rest for a few minutes after removing them from the smoker. This allows the juices to redistribute throughout the meat, ensuring each bite is as delicious as the last.
  8. Enjoy:
    Serve your Smoked Jalapeño Popper Chicken Bombs hot, garnished with a sprinkle of fresh herbs or a drizzle of extra BBQ sauce if desired.

Pro Tips for Perfect Chicken Bombs:

  • Secure the Bacon: Make sure the bacon is tightly wrapped and well-secured with toothpicks to prevent it from unwrapping during the smoking process.
  • Monitor the Temperature: Use a meat thermometer to check the internal temperature of your chicken to ensure perfect doneness without overcooking.
  • Let Them Rest: Allowing the chicken bombs to rest before serving helps maintain juiciness and flavor, enhancing the overall experience.
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Why You’ll Love This Recipe:

Smoked Jalapeño Popper Chicken Bombs are not only a feast for the taste buds but also visually impressive, making them a perfect centerpiece for any festive occasion. The combination of creamy, spicy, and smoky flavors wrapped in a juicy chicken exterior is sure to be a hit!

Final Thoughts:

These smoked chicken bombs are a creative twist on traditional jalapeño poppers and are sure to elevate your cooking game. Whether you’re an experienced smoker or just starting out, this recipe is straightforward and yields delicious results every time. So fire up your smoker and get ready to enjoy a mouthwatering meal that will leave everyone asking for seconds!

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Serving and Storage Tips for Smoked Jalapeño Popper Chicken Bombs

Serving Tips:

  1. Serve Warm: For the best taste and texture, serve the chicken bombs while they’re still warm. The cheese will be gooey and the chicken perfectly tender, offering the best eating experience.
  2. Accompaniments: Pair these chicken bombs with side dishes that complement their rich and smoky flavor. Some great options include coleslaw, grilled corn on the cob, or a fresh garden salad. For a heartier meal, consider serving them with baked beans or garlic mashed potatoes.
  3. Presentation: To make your presentation appealing, you can slice each chicken bomb into rounds just before serving, displaying the stuffed jalapeño and melted cheese. Garnish with a light drizzle of BBQ sauce and some chopped fresh herbs like parsley or cilantro for a pop of color.
  4. Beverage Pairings: These smoky and slightly spicy chicken bombs pair wonderfully with chilled beer, particularly a lager or ale that can balance the richness of the bacon and cheese. For a non-alcoholic option, iced tea or lemonade complements the dish well.

Storage Tips:

  1. Refrigeration: If you have leftovers, they should be cooled to room temperature before storing to prevent condensation and sogginess. Wrap them individually in aluminum foil or place them in an airtight container. They can be refrigerated for up to 3-4 days.
  2. Reheating: To reheat, preheat your oven to 350°F (175°C). Remove any toothpicks and place the chicken bombs on a baking sheet. Cover them with foil to prevent the bacon from burning and heat for about 15-20 minutes or until heated through. You can also reheat them in a microwave, but the bacon might not retain its crispiness.
  3. Freezing: Smoked Jalapeño Popper Chicken Bombs can be frozen for longer storage. Wrap each bomb tightly in plastic wrap and then place them in a zip-top freezer bag. They can be stored in the freezer for up to 2 months. Thaw overnight in the refrigerator before reheating as directed above.
  4. Safety Note: Always ensure that the chicken bombs are stored in a way that prevents cross-contamination with other foods, especially if they contain raw ingredients. Also, always reheat to an internal temperature of 165°F as recommended for poultry.
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By following these serving and storage tips, you can ensure that your Smoked Jalapeño Popper Chicken Bombs are delicious and safe to eat, whether fresh off the smoker or enjoyed as a leftover.

1. Can I make these chicken bombs in advance?

Yes, you can prepare the Smoked Jalapeño Popper Chicken Bombs in advance to save time. You can assemble the chicken bombs a day before you plan to smoke them and keep them refrigerated. Ensure they are covered tightly or stored in an airtight container to maintain freshness. When you’re ready to cook, just take them out of the refrigerator and let them sit at room temperature for about 30 minutes before placing them in the smoker.

2. What if I don’t have a smoker? Can I still make this recipe?

Absolutely! If you don’t have a smoker, you can use your oven or a grill to cook the chicken bombs. To mimic the smoky flavor, you can add a bit of liquid smoke to the BBQ sauce or use smoked paprika in the rub. If using an oven, bake at 375°F (190°C) until the chicken is fully cooked and the bacon is crispy, typically about 35-40 minutes. On a grill, cook them over indirect medium heat, turning occasionally, until done.

3. Are these chicken bombs spicy? How can I adjust the heat level?

The spice level of these chicken bombs largely depends on the jalapeños and whether you leave in the seeds and membranes, where most of the heat is concentrated. For less heat, ensure you remove all seeds and membranes. You can also substitute the jalapeños with milder peppers, like mini sweet peppers, if you prefer a non-spicy version. Conversely, if you enjoy extra heat, add a sprinkle of chili flakes to the cheese mixture or use spicier peppers like serranos.

4. What’s the best way to secure the bacon around the chicken bombs?

Securing the bacon effectively is key to keeping the chicken bombs intact during the cooking process. Use toothpicks to pin the bacon ends to the chicken. Ensure the toothpicks are inserted sideways so they don’t stick out too much, which makes them easier to handle and turn while cooking. Additionally, wrapping the bacon tightly and overlapping it slightly will help it stay in place as the fat renders and it shrinks.

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